Price  £10.99
Format  Paperback
Published  April 2009
Length  272 pages
ISBN  9781905559121
ISBN  9781905559282 (ebook)

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The Viper of Kerman
Christian Oliver


A Powerful Iranian cleric wants to stricke a deal with the West. Can Britain and the US trust him?


Ayatollah Ali Baharvand has stepped down as one of Iran’s nuclear negotiators. Sickened by the revolution that failed to elevate his country to the heights it deserved, he plans to seize power and make a new pact with the outside world. But how far can he be trusted?

About Christian Oliver

Christian Oliver was born in Nottingham in 1978 and brought up in Devon. After studying Classics at Oxford and an intensive Arabic diploma, he joined Reuters serving as their Iran correspondent from 2003-6 and senior correspondent for Venezuela and Ecuador for 2006/7. He is currently the Financial Times correspondent in Seoul for North and South Korea.

Latest News

The Washington Times:  ' excellent addition to Iran's current and sparse fiction list is The Viper of Kerman, a partly tongue-in-cheek novel that sets out a not-altogether-unlikely vision of turmoil afflicting the Middle East's most strategic country.... Mr. Oliver's skill shines through by the end of the book as he comes to a wholly feasible conclusion.... The Viper of Kerman offers a glimpse of an all-too-likely future.'

Royal Society of Asian affairs Journal:  'The plot and its dénouement are thoroughly convincing; the pace is fast and furious – it is everything that a thriller should be. What makes it particularly satisfying is the author’s easy grasp of the way Iran works, his view of the teeth behind the smile.'

Frontline Magazine:  '…a very readable novel based around an ayatollah inviting the UK and US to back him in a coup against president Ahmadinejad. It's a heady home-brew of intrigue, student unrest, ethnic-based violence and incompetent journalism -- with a colourful cast of clerics, an assassin, diplomats, spies, nuclear scientists, tanker captains, a corporate arms lawyer, north Tehrani beauties and qanat workers…'

Tehran Bureau:  'The Viper of Kerman is a racy and entertaining read, with many vignettes illustrating Oliver's eye for detail and sense of irony...'