Price  £10.99
Format  Paperback
Published  June 2007
Length  384 pages
ISBN  9781905559022
ISBN  9781905559428 (ebook)

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The Book of Q
Jonathan Rabb


A hard-edged thriller about a secret sect planning to destroy the Catholic Church – by the author of The Overseer

After the mysterious death of one Vatican priest and the disappearance of another, Father Ian Pearse, an American working on ancient Christian texts in the Vatican, comes into possession of a mysterious scroll. He discovers ingeniously coded letters and the text of an ancient Manichean prayer that has never before been found in written form.

These reveal a Manichean conspiracy – a sect long-thought dead – reaching deep into the present Vatican hierarchy.  Racing from the Vatican via an ancient Greek monastery to war-torn Bosnia, Father Pearse has to decipher the cryptograms and codes before the closely guarded heresy is unleashed on the world.


'The Book of Q and The Overseer by New York novelist Jonathan Rabb easily out-manoeuvre Brown in grand and dark ecclesiastical designs.'

Boyd Tonkin, The Independent


About Jonathan Rabb

Jonathan Rabb is a full-time novelist who lives in Savannah, Georgia. Widely translated, he is rapidly becoming known as one of the strongest voices in thrillers. Now published by prestigious Farrar Straus in the US.

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'a hard-edged tale set in a climate of Catholic intrigue and social controversy....'

     Publishers Weekly

'Mysticism, fundamentalism, ruthless ambition, and the search for truth, whatever the cost, are the pieces of this exciting puzzle, and they all fit together in a dramatic conclusion.'

     School Library Journal