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Format  Hardback
Published  March 2008
Length  192 pages
Illustrations  148 b/w photos
ISBN  9781905559060

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Shattered Dreams: Israel and the Palestinians
Judah Passow


These photographs are more than simply a record of conflict and turmoil. They are the result of a very personal journey over the past twenty-five years to a place full of shattered dreams which cross the boundaries of culture and time.  It’s a place where the young are robbed of their youth and the elderly stripped of their dignity. The people who live here glorify their past, curse the present, and have difficulty imagining a future.

Two very different perspectives into this relentless conflict are provided by the writers Etgar Keret and Samir El-Youssef (author of The Illusion of Return).


About Judah Passow

Judah Passow was born in Israel of American background.  His photos have been published by all leading British, European and American newspapers and magazines, such as the Guardian, the Observer, Time and Newsweek.  A winner of four World Press Photo awards for his coverage of the conflict in the Middle East, Passow has also had numerous exhibitions.  His CD-ROM, Days of Rage, based upon his work in Beirut from 1982 – 1985 received wide critical acclaim.  Judah Passow has lectured on photojournalism at many British universities, including Nottingham, Brighton, the Camberwell College of Arts and University of the Arts London.


BBC Magazine feature an audio slideshow narrated by Judah Passow. He tells us the stories behind some of his images in the No Place Like Home exhibition currently running at the Jewish Museum, London.