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Format  Paperback
Published  November 2007
Length  416 pages
ISBN  9781905559046
ISBN  9781905559299 (ebook)

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Jonathan Rabb


A murdered revolutionary, a vicious serial killer, a city in chaos, all lead to Rosa.


November 1918: socialist revolution is sweeping across Germany, transforming war-ravaged Berlin into a political battleground.  Five women from the slums are found murdered, all with identical markings on their back.  When the sixth turns out to be the socialist revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg, the case turns political with the Polpo, the political police, complicating the investigations of Detective Inspector Nikolai Hoffner and his assistant Hans Fichte.


'... a novel so richly drawn, so dark and so compelling it reaches into your gut and holds on tight...'
     Detroit Free Press

'Rabb gives us a dreadful Berlin, a sinister Polpo, the sound of boots, the smell of corpses, patterns of guilt as runic as lace gloves and city streets, and a ghostly noir that could have been conspired at by Raymond Chandler and André Malraux.'
     Harper's Magazine

About Jonathan Rabb

Jonathan Rabb is a full-time novelist who lives in Savannah, Georgia. Widely translated, he is rapidly becoming known as one of the strongest voices in thrillers. Now published by prestigious Farrar Straus in the US.