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Format  Hardback
Published  1988
Length  133 pages
ISBN  9781870015097


Chaim Pearl


Rashi (Rabbi Solomon ben Isaac 1040-1105), was the greatest Jewish Bible commentator of all time. He brought to his exposition of the text of the Bible some of the vast treasury of rabbinic folklore, homily and ethical teaching, thus enabling readers to gain both an understanding of the literal meaning of the Scriptures and an appreciation of the deeper significance of the text as it was handed down through centuries of Jewish tradition.

Similarly, Rashi’s commentaries on the Talmud made this work accessible and saved it from obscurity. Through his encyclopaedic knowledge he was able to explain the language, ideas and rabbinic discussions contained within the Talmud. The Bible and the Talmud always formed the core of Jewish learning and Rashi’s commentaries immediately became an essential part of this learning.

This book discusses the life of Rashi and gives a lucid and full account of his monumental achievement against the rich background of 11th-century France.

About Chaim Pearl

Chaim Pearl was a Rabbi in England and the U.S. before moving to Jerusalem. He is the author of several books on Judaism including The Guide to Jewish Knowledge, The Medieval Jewish Mind and Rashi’s Commentary on the Pentateuch. Dr Pearl is currently a lecturer and writer.