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Format  Hardback and ebook
Published  20 September 2018
Length  336 pages
ISBN  9781905559985
ISBN  9781905559978 (ebook)

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Never a Native
Alice Shalvi                                           

"Alice Shalvi is one of the few women in the world who lived through a world devastated by fascism, and advanced a democracy in which people are linked, not ranked. Reading about her past will inspire our future."

Gloria Steinem

"Alice Shalvi - feminist leader, seeker of justice, proponent of peace, innovative educator and one of Israel's most admired women - reflects poignantly on her personal and public odyssey in a book that blends her own challenges, achievements and failures with those of Israel during the past seventy years." 

Naomi Chazan 

“Professor Alice Shalvi - scholar, educator, and heroic activist, tells the story of her life in a simple, almost matter-of-fact manner, as though each stage of her very rich and varied career simply flowed most naturally the one from the other. There is in this kind of presentation an underlying tone of modesty, one which downplays the struggles, the persistence and enormous energy which resulted in her massive achievements in the areas of social activism and feminism. This energy tempered with such modesty resonates as an undercurrent throughout this classic autobiography."

Daniel Sperber


About Alice Shalvi

Born in Essen, Germany in 1926, Alice Shalvi and her family escaped Nazi Germany and established themselves in London.

She read English at Cambridge and later emigrated to Israel in 1949, where she became enormously influential in women’s education, promoting women’s status, peace dialogues and challenging conventional religious practice.

Her name is synonymous with social activism and achievement.

Latest News

January 2019

Alice Shalvi captivates audience at 'Times of Israel Presents' event

Alice Shalvi relates the life experiences that powered her evolution from Orthodox girl in Germany to Cambridge student to Conservative feminist icon in Jerusalem. Article and video link here.

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Never a Native by Alice Shalvi wins a 2018 National Jewish Book award

Our author Alice Shalvi, a tireless activist and at the forefront of feminism, has won a National Jewish Book Award for her memoirs, Never a Native.

15 October 2018

At the launch of Never a Native at the Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem

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