Price  £14.95
Format  Hardback
Published  1990
Length  288 pages
ISBN  9781870015349


Murmurings of a Licensed Heretic
Chaim Bermant


Murmurings of a Licensed Heretic consists of articles written and published over the past thirty years. The tone is distinctive and the subject matter varied. Bermant is not respecter of personalities or reputations, especially inflated ones, and faced with an idol he tends to discover it has feet of clay. He is intrigued by the unfamiliar, the unsung, the unexplained and the unexplored – and his discoveries are amusing, if not hilarious. He gives a light touch to the most serious issues and though not everyone will share his opinions, the result is a book of rare quality and infinite charm.

About the Author

Chaim Bermant was born in a part of Lithuania which was seized by Poland in 1921 and by Russia in 1940, and which is now once again Lithuania. When he was three he moved to Latvia. When he was eight he moved to Scotland. When he was twenty he moved to Israel, and he now lives in England. He studied in a Rabbinical Colllege, Glasgow University and the London School of Economics. He has been a school master, an economist, a journalist and a television scrip-writer. He retired from regular employment in 1966 and has since been a full-time writer. He has one wife, one cat, four children, has written thirty books and lives in Hampstead Garden Suburb.