Format  Hardback
Published  1988
Length  700 pages
ISBN  9781870015196


Jewish History: Essays in Honour of Chimen Abramsky
Edited by Ada Rapoport-Albert and Steven J. Zipperstein


The study of Jewish history has made significant strides in the last ten years and this collection brings together essays and important research by some of the most original and influential scholars in the field.

This collection of twenty-eight essays is an exploration of major developments in the history of European Jewry. It offers fresh documentation and analysis of the events, social trends and ideologies which have shaped the course of Jewish History. It also examines the variety of ways in which these developments have been perceived, both by the society in which the Jews found themselves, and by the Jews themselves, recording their understanding of their own history.

Chimen Abramsky was born in Minsk, Russia in 1917 and came to England in the 1930s. He studied at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem and was subsequently Senior Fellow at St Anthony's College, Oxford.