Price  £10.95
Format  Hardback
Published  1988
Length  352 pages
ISBN  9781870015158


His Daughter
Yoram Kaniuk

Translated by Seymour Simckes


The only demand that Joseph Krieger makes of his daughter, Miriam, is that she returns home at a time she herself sets. He imposes no other restriction on her life and she, in turn, fanatically observes his ruling until, on evening, he waits for her in vain.

In his desperate search, Joseph, a retired general in the Israeli army, sets upon a journey through his own past which leads him to the painful realisation that his whole life has been a deception. His anguish, the anguish of a father in search of his beloved daughter, increases when he receives oddly-dated letters from Miriam, taunting him for his failures and for his toughness, which resulted in his lifelong inability to reveal his feelings for her.

The clues to Miriam’s whereabouts are at first bizarre and then sinister; a boat trip with balloons, an unscheduled television documentary, blood-stained clothes…

Joseph’s discoveries reveal a daughter unknown to him; Miriam’s need for revenge against her father proves part of a relentless cycle of tragedy and guilt and she chooses, in the end, to atone for he father’s sins.

About Yoram Kaniuk

Yoram Kaniuk, born in Tel Aviv, is today one of Israel’s foremost authors. He has been widely translated, and his previous works include Himmo King of Jerusalem, Adam Resurrected, The Last Jew and Confessions of a Good Arab.