Price  £10.99
Format  Paperback and ebook
Published  3 Sep 2015
Length  576 pages
ISBN  9781905559770
ISBN  9781905559787 (ebook)

Forbidden Love
Mishka Ben-David

Translated from Hebrew by Evan Fallenburg                                            

Why is a Mossad agent planning to defy his bosses?

Yogev Ben-Ari has been sent to St Petersburg by the Mossad – ostensibly to set up business links. His life is solitary, ordered and lonely, until he meets Anna. Neither is quite what they seem to be, but there is no doubt about the love they feel for each other.

This encounter is definitely not part of the Mossad plan and they hatch a dark scheme to drive the two apart. Ben-Ari has no time to discover the truth about Anna’s real identity before the Mossad resolves the issue for him. But still Ben-Ari doesn’t give up, determined to learn the truth about their love.

Amid the shadowy manipulations of the secret services, Mishka Ben-David depicts the world of a Mossad agent who chooses, against all odds, to fight for his right to be with the woman he loves.


'Convincing tradecraft, coupled with a plausible look at the inner life of a spy with a license to kill, will remind readers of the best of John le Carré.'

     Publishers Weekly (starred review)

About Mishka Ben-David

Mishka Ben-David served in the Mossad for twelve years, becoming a high-ranking officer. He is now a full-time novelist living outside Jerusalem. Duet in Beirut was his first novel to be translated into English, and received great media attention.

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“The novel has a solid sense of intrigue and suspense, and its depiction of the world of international espionage feels accurate (as it should, since the author is a former Mossad agent). The characterizations are precise, too: these aren’t stick figures in a spy story but real people in a real environment. A nice blend of classic spy-novel conventions with a thoroughly contemporary setting.”

     Booklist (starred review)