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Format  Paperback
Published  26 January 2017
Length  544 pages
ISBN  9781905559848
ISBN  9781890555855 (ebook)

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Final Stop, Algiers
Mishka Ben-David  

Translated from Hebrew by Ronnie Hope                                

Torn between love and duty to the Mossad, how can Mickey Simhoni reconcile the two?

When a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv violently disrupts his life, Mickey Simhoni abandons his plans to become an artist and instead allows himself to be recruited into the Mossad. Slowly he learns the art of spycraft and the painstaking process of building a cover, becoming someone whom he resembles, who is presumed dead. His cover story takes him to Toronto where he meets an earlier flame – Niki, a girl he had hooked up with in Tokyo a decade earlier. Mickey is torn between loyalty to the Mossad and his intense feelings for Niki – which the ever-resourceful Niki partially resolves with an unusual decision. But still Mickey’s dilemma persists, as he oscillates between duty and love, his complex operations in the Mossad threatening to kill their love. When his final operation in Algiers goes badly wrong, the rage and hatred engendered, and the utter humiliation visited on them, leads to a traumatic conclusion.


About Mishka Ben-David

Mishka Ben-David served in the Mossad for twelve years, becoming a high-ranking officer. He is now a full-time novelist living outside Jerusalem. Duet in Beirut was his first novel to be translated into English, and received great media attention.

Latest News


March 2017

Mishka Ben-David and thriller writer Adam LeBor were in conversation at the Tower of David, Jerusalem, in a new monthly author's event organized by the Times of Israel. Having both written spy-thriller trilogies centered on ex-Mossad agents they were able to reveal a few trade secrets.. Full review available here.