Price  £9.95
Format  Hardback
Published  1987
Length  224 pages
ISBN  9781870015011


Confessions of a Good Arab
Yoram Kaniuk

Translated by Dalya Bilu


Imagine the difficulty of belonging to both sides of a conflict; a conflict involving the national homelands of two peoples, their aspirations and their sufferings. This is Yosef Rosenzweig/Sherara’s dilemma. Part-Jewish and part-Arab, he is forced, through cirumstances, to adopt a position unnatural to himself and to his wishes. Prescient, though not unfailingly so, his powers are harnessed against himself, to his disadvantage. Overflowing with both love and hatred, he unfolds his story with humour bursting through the irony and bitterness.

Yoram Kaniuk reveals how political events shape one’s life, regardless of private aspirations. Weaving a complex web of generations, Kaniuk has written a masterly novel, retaining a perspective on historical events and feelings and a sensitivity to all sides.

About Yoram Kaniuk

Yoram Kaniuk, born in Tel Aviv, is today one of Israel’s foremost authors. He has been widely translated, and his previous works include Himmo King of Jerusalem, Adam Resurrected, The Last Jew and His Daughter.