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Format  Hardback
Published  1988
Length  164 pages
ISBN  9781870015059


David Aberbach


During his lifetime, Chaim Nachman Bialik was hailed and the poet larueate of Jewish nationalism and was regarded as one of the major Jewish cultural influences of his age. He was seen as the poet of hope and revival in an age which witnessed the Russian Pale of Settlement, pogroms, the Russian Revoltuion, the rise of Zionim and of Hebrew as a living language.

David Aberbach explores the historical, social and literary background to Bialik’s rise a a Romantic-nationalist poet, his ambivalence to this national role, his obsession with intensely private themes and the interplay between the public figure and the confessional lyric poet.

Aberbach shows how Bialik’s poetry reveals a profoundly tortured inner life and how strongly he felt the inseparble links between his art and his life.

About David Aberbach

David Aberbach has taught at universities in England and in the U.S. and is now Associate Professor of Hebrew Literature at McGill University. His previous publications include At the Handles of the Lock, a study of the Hebrew novelist Samuel Joseph Agnon (OUP for the Littman Library).