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Format  Hardback and ebook
Published  8 November 2010
Length  208 pages
ISBN  9781905559206
ISBN  9781905559374 (ebook)

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Tales from the Secret Annexe
Anne Frank                                   

Anne Frank is known worldwide for her powerful Diary written whilst hiding from the Nazis. Less well known are these stories, fables, personal reminiscences and an unfinished novel – now re-issued after being out of print for many years.

Also included – for the first time in the UK – are Anne’s edited versions of some of her Diary entries which she re-worked after hearing an appeal by Gerrit Bolkestein, Minister for Art, Education and Science in the Dutch government in exile in London, to the Dutch people to send in, after the war, written accounts of their suffering under Nazi occupation. This gave Anne a purpose and straight away she began the task of re-writing and editing her diaries and stories.

Her humour, unflinching honesty and her wisdom – all evident in The Diary – are equally present in these Tales, rendering them an essential part of her legacy. To many people Anne Frank’s name has become synonymous with the Holocaust.


"A rewarding, multi-layered companion to Anne Frank's Diary"

The Jewish Chronicle


"She wrote with a fascinating mixture of idealism and realism... Her narration of events includes colorful descriptions interspersed with wry observations and remarks. Sometimes using humour as a defence mechanism. But between these age-appropriate comments lies a profound understanding of life and human nature. Nevertheless, there is a palpable tension throughout and the lack of tears and hysterics only enhances this."

The New Delhi Tribune


"Not only are her writings descriptive, intuitive, whimsical and funny, it also belies a rather black sense of humour. For a 13-year-old child surrounded by fears of being discovered and arrested, this gift of writing seems to have been a source of joy. For she does spread joy with her writing despite it being tinged with sadness. Her vivid writing will not be easily forgotten by the reader."

The Hindu