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Published  September 2011
Length  208 pages
ISBN  9781905559244
ISBN  9781905559350 (ebook)

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A Woman in Jerusalem
A.B. Yehoshua                                     

Translated from Hebrew by Stuart Schoffman                   

An armoured vehicle is transporting a coffin back to a distant village in Eastern Europe.

Inside is the victim of a suicide bombing in Jerusalem – a once-beautiful migrant worker who remained unidentified in the morgue for days.

Travelling with the coffin is a motley group of individuals, rendering this journey a tragi-comedy – but one with the deeply moral purpose, not just of returning the worker to her community but also of reinstating her humanity.

This is A.B. Yehoshua at his most humorous – and most compassionate: “As a writer, my ethical duty is to use my pen to pierce the black plastic shroud, to open the heart towards death, with love and pity.”

“There are human riches here. The manager moves from a man who has given up on love to one who opens himself to it. And there are strange and powerful scenes – of the morgue, of the coffin, of the Soviet base where the manager passes through the purging of body and soul.”

     Carole Angier, The Independent

“Mr Yehoshua's A Woman in Jerusalem is a sad, warm, funny book about Israel and being Jewish, and one that has deep lessons to impart – for other people as well as his own.”

     The Economist

“This novel has about it the force and deceptive simplicity of a masterpiece...”

     Claire Messud, The New York Times

About A.B. Yehoshua

Born in Jerusalem in 1936, A.B. Yehoshua is the author of eleven novels, a collection of short stories, plays and essays. One of Israel’s top novelists, he has won prizes worldwide and in 2005 was shortlisted in the UK for the first Man Booker International Prize. An outspoken critic of both Israeli and Palestinian policies, A.B. Yehoshua continues to speak and work for peace.